Established: 2002
A father, mother, brother & sister. Our store isn’t just a jewelry store, it’s a humble and warm place for you and your family and friends to come and shop, learn & inquire about all of your jewelry needs, ALL in one place. We always give a happy and heart-filled “Welcome!” to everyone and anyone who comes through our doors.
Ron & Diane; (Mother & Father) Have been a team, both life and business partners, since the 70s and have been in Nashville, NC operating Taylor Made Jewelry since 2002, along with other previous business, Offering wise and expert advice to their children & customers.
Ryan & Rachel; (The Children) Are the next generation to come and are looking forward to continuing their parent’s legacy and meeting customers’ jewelry needs, with the same wisdom and guidance from Mom & Dad.
Service Types: Jewelry Repair, Engravings, Appraisals, Custom Designing, Layaway, and Consignment. Charms, Chains, Earrings, Diamonds, Gemstones, Pendants, Rings, Bracelets, Silver, Gold & Stainless Steel and New Gold Filled Jewelry! -To see more details about services, follow the "Our Services" Link at the bottom of the page.
We repair fine jewelry, Sterling Silver, Gold 10k+, Platinum and occasional stainless steel jewelry. We do not repair: Costume jewelry, any base metal jewelry with gold or silver plating or paint coating, and Eye glasses!